COVID-19 Vaccine | Aspire Medical and Skin Centre

We an Australian Government approved COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic.  We are administering Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines.

**Vaccination appoints are booked thru the “Book Appointment” button on our website.  Active patients of our medical centre can call in to check last-minute availability due to cancellations .**

Aspire Medical and Skin Centre will be administring Pfizer Booster Shots for 18+ from 4 Janurary 2022.  Vaccination for children between the age of 5-11 will start from 10 January 2022.  You can book appointment thru our website, Hotdoc or by calling us.  Vaccination information for children and teenagers can be found by clicking this link.

For information on Post Vaccination Care.

If you are not eligible for Medicare, you can still receive a vaccine without charge. Please attend a GP-led Respiratory Clinic or state vaccination clinic. The COVID-19 vaccine is free for everyone in Australia. You will not be charged for the vaccination or the appointment.

Find out more about COVID-19 vaccines