Your medical records are held in the strictest confidence.  The practice will not disclose your personal health information to any party unless there is a legal obligation eg subpoena or court orders, certain infectious diseases.

We collect the following personal information on all patients:  Full Name, DOB, Medicare details, Address, Emergency contact person, Ethnicity.

This information is collected by the reception staff and entered on the computer system.  Your personal information is used to ensure that we have the correct patient booking, and to ensure your medical history is allocated to the correct record. Only in a medical emergency, we will contact your nominated emergency contact. Access to your personal information is only available to staff and Doctors with computer login access.

Security of your records is of paramount importance to us, and all computers have log in procedures that have to be followed to ensure unauthorised access is not permitted.

Reminder system

As part of our ongoing care, we provide a reminder and recall service to our patients with regard to immunisations, pap smears, pathology and general health checkups. You may receive a reminder via  SMS, Phone or letter. Please advise reception if you would like to opt-out of this service.

Test Results/ follow up appointments | Medical Certificates, Referrals and Prescriptions:

We recommend you to make a follow-up appointment for your results.  During COVID lockdown period, Results can be discussed over the phone with your doctor. Administration staff are not qualified to discuss results with patients but can help you book your phone consult with your GP.   It is your responsibility to make an appointment to follow up test results.

When the doctor receives your test results and considers that a review appointment is necessary,  then you will receive an SMS to arrange an appointment time.

It is the policy of our practice that all results, repeat prescriptions medical certificates and referrals require an appointment.